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Kyktir allows you to open specific file types and render their content. It is for example a useful tool to open PCL5 print jobs that someone else printed.

The following file formats are supported in Kyktir:

  • PDF (+ PDF Analyzer)

  • PCL5

  • EMF

  • XML (+ UBL e-invoices viewer)

  • XPS

  • ICC profile

Kyktir with PCL5 file
Printer Command Language 5 (PCL5) file


Kyktir with EMF file
Windows Enhanced Metafile


Kyktir with PDF file
Portable Document Format


Kyktir with Color profile
Color Profile (ICC)


Kyktir PDF Analyzer logo
Winking PDF Analyzer in Kyktir

Kyktir PDF Analyzer

Our PDF Analyzer is integrated in Kyktir which allows you to open and analyze PDF files.
You can explore and control the internal structure of PDF files.

  • Inspect the internal structure of PDF files
  • Simple graphical representation of the complex PDF structure
  • Dump images to a folder
  • PDF render preview
  • Render page to specific paper size
  • General PDF Information
  • Search through the PDF structure
  • ASCII or HEX view of streams
Winking PDF Analyzer
The internal structure of a PDF file in Winking PDF Analyzer

Kyktir UBL Viewer
Winking UBL Viewer in Kyktir

Kyktir UBL Viewer

With e-invoicing becoming mandatory in Europe, more and more UBL files are being exchanged via the Peppol-network.
These are XML files that are difficult to read by default.

Kyktir has an UBL Viewer embedded, which allows you to open the received UBL documents.

You can see the XML content, the PDF preview (if available) and a general overview.

Winking UBL Viewer in Kyktir
View UBL invoices, PDF preview, xml or UBL preview.


Documentation is available via Winking Docs.

Is a file not rendering as you expected?
Contact our support and we'll try to make Kyktir better.

Kyktir is in constant development.

Winking Docs (Documentation) Contact Winking support

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